I’m coming off a three-day women’s conference at which I was blessed to partake AND to serve during. I’m an introvert so the ability for me to rest well and recharge after engaging with and being surrounded by large groups of people is PARAMOUNT to my mental health. Did I mention I took my son... Continue Reading →

MOPS week 3. Let’s talk about sex bay-bee.

Week 3: Unpacked I said several things from the stage last week and followed them up by saying “if you remember nothing else, remember this” so I do want to go through and restate those things because come to find out, there were a LOT of things I wanted you to remember. :I   My... Continue Reading →


This past September Kyle and I were able to go see two separate concerts. I bought tickets to one for his birthday, he bought tickets to the other for mine. The feel of these shows couldn’t have been more different. At Foster the People, we jumped and danced to the up-beat, major music set to... Continue Reading →

MOPS week 2

Week 2: Unpacked Katie Elizabeth Kemp. Goodness gracious ladies if you haven’t already sought her out please do so now at Katieelizabethkemp.com, follow her on instagram @katieelizabethkemp, and find her on Facebook.   Katie’s message about blooming in the midst of our messes has stuck with me since she spoke. So many pieces of what... Continue Reading →

MOPS ministry week 1

WEEK ONE: UNPACKED   MOPS has begun. I cried on my way in that first morning. (Thanks to the amazing build in “Closer than you know” by Hillsong.) I teared up and giggled more than a couple times while taking pictures and videos from that box in the back that I almost fell off of.... Continue Reading →

.The Body.

The human body is humbling to say the least. Each system waits patiently on a signal from another to step in and do the job it was created for while simultaneously protecting itself and one another from foreign attack or harm. Nothing puts this beautiful bodily synergy on display quite like having food poisoning. My... Continue Reading →


I was invited to participate in a group that received an advanced copy of a book written by Sara Hagerty that will be released August 29th called Unseen. I’d never heard of her (because I seemingly forgot how to read when I became a mom) but I've met her through one single facebook live event... Continue Reading →


In this moment I am drenched in sweat as I write. Not the pretty kind or the gathering of moisture at my bra line from a vigorous, endorphin slamming work-out, not from a hike or any of the other outdoorsy things that inspire my soul- but from laying on a towel. . . in a... Continue Reading →

The Phenomenon of Forgetting

(May 2017 Denver Metro Mom's blog) Have you noticed when asking a seasoned Mom for advice on something specific, their first response is usually “Uhm, let me think…” This is usually followed up by a confounded, “I don’t remember.” The puzzled look on their face shows that they’re a bit disappointed that they haven’t held... Continue Reading →

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