Green Pastures

  Psalm 23 is one of those passages so well known that we do it a disservice. You read “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures” with the same amount of zeal devoted to reciting the national anthem. We no longer hear the words let alone... Continue Reading →

MOPS International.

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) has played a large part in my story. From my sister praying for me with her MOPS group while I lived in her basement to signing up and attending MOPS at my church when Banks was three months old. But, a pretty awesome thing MOPS can take credit for is my... Continue Reading →

Warrior God, Warrior Mom (39.9 weeks)

It’s still baffling that I’m standing in this place. 39.9 weeks pregnant with my second child. Welcoming change and joy to a family that is stable, love-packed, and... sober. A family that is more than fallible and flawed but one that is thriving as a result of our Father’s redemption and relentless love. I’ve been... Continue Reading →

To Grandpa: A grief, half-observed.

Well it’s here, the moment I’ve morbidly prepared myself for since my young heart fell in love with an old man’s secret winks, the bug-eyed, tongue-out faces he’d make behind the backs of oblivious family members, and the denture-less stories he’d tell to the soundtrack of my giggles. He told me I was beautiful. He... Continue Reading →

Still sober…

A couple months ago at a MOPS leadership meeting one of my team-members asked "Mollie, how is sobriety going? We don't talk about it often." It caught me off-guard in the sweetest way because no, we don't talk about it often but that's because I've settled into a place in my life where my battle... Continue Reading →


       A couple months ago I stumbled out of bed into our living room one morning to Kyle who made a comment on the shirt I was wearing. He said smiling, “ahh, that must be from the old days.” I'd thrown it on in the dark the night before with no knowledge of... Continue Reading →

MOPS week 5 what enslaves you?

Week 5: Unpacked Last week we had the pleasure of hearing Dee Dee Woodman, M. Ed, LPC speak to us regarding some common areas in which we keep ourselves enslaved, trapped, and bound. She came with a message intended to help us access freedom in our lives, even in the day to day.   Dee... Continue Reading →

MOPS week 4

Week 4 : Unpacked Disclaimer time friends. One of my very favorite things about working inter-generationally with women doing social work was being able to observe how as people get older, the stronger they feel about their opinions and beliefs. It seems that once we’ve gone through our 20’s and find what makes us passionate,... Continue Reading →

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